megatoolsOpen-source command line tools for accessing cloud storageMegous4 months
spkgAlternative package manager for Slackware Linux written in CMegous6 years
OS/booloader for my Orange Pi PC, PC2, 3, One, PinePhone, PocketBook and TBS A711 tablet
linuxLinux kernelMegous4 hours
p-bootPinePhone BootloaderMegous11 days
u-bootBootloaderMegous5 months
atfARM Trusted Firmware (ATF) with some patches for my boardsMegous8 months
linux-firmwareFirmware files for Orange Pi PC, PC2, 3, One and TBS A711 tabletMegous4 months
pinephone-multi-bootPinephone multi-boot image creation scriptsMegous6 days
hm5065-firmwareAuto-focus firmware for HM5065 cameras (for mainline linux driver)Megous2 years
arisc-firmwareFirmware for a power management co-processor present on A83T/H3/H5 SoCsMegous3 years
crust-firmwareFirmware for Allwinner power management co-processor by Samuel HollandMegous18 months
Reverse Engineering
ghidra-or1kProcessor definitions for OpenRisc 1200 core used on Allwinner SoCsMegous16 months
sunxi-registersRegister definitions for Allwinner SoCs and related chips (codecs, PMIC)Megous7 months
regtoolRegister debugging tool for Allwinner SoCsMegous16 months
eg25-regtoolRegister debugging tool for EG25 modemMegous3 months
libxrXML-RPC/JSON-RPC C library with IDL interface compilerMegous4 years
sjsonJSON parser/generator for C (heap-less)Megous4 years
qemu-zstdZstandard (Zstd) compression support for QCOW2 disk images in QEMUMegous10 months

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